Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer coupons?

We offer exclusive specials twice per month to our email newsletter subscribers. Please join our newsletter.


How do I know how much of an item you have in stock?

Because we ship to and receive orders from customers worldwide and in volume that ranges from single items to thousands, our inventory changes rapidly and unpredictably. This is no different from your local Walmart, whose online inventory might not match what is physically in stock. The numbers you see on our website accurately reflect what we have on hand at the moment you searched that item, but it is possible for someone else to place an order moments before you place yours, changing our inventory level.

Occasionally, a product will run out of stock, at which time there may be a restocking delay of up to 28 days. On rare occasions, popular items may be put on “rolling backorder” status by the manufacturer. This can result in a delay of up to 28 days. If you feel that you can't wait for the backordered items, we will be happy to issue you a full refund. 


Is there expedited shipping?

No. Please be advised that shipping charges for orders less than $500.00 vary. Shipping fee starts at $15.00 for most orders. We ship FedEx Ground


How long does shipping take?

It generally takes between 2–3 business days once the order is processed. Our main warehouse is in Tennessee, so if your shipment is going to the west coast it may take up to 3–5 business days. Backordered items may take longer.


Can I cancel my order?

No. Our orders are processed and shipped immediately upon ordering, so it is impossible for us to pull an order that’s already been placed. Carefully review your items before ordering.


Can I get a shipping tracking number right away?

Unfortunately, our shipping procedure does not immediately provide us with tracking numbers for all orders. There is generally a 24-hour delay in getting tracking orders.


If I order more products or a greater number of the same product, can I get a bigger discount?

Our price negotiations team has worked very hard to get the lowest price possible for products that we sell. We discount as deeply as we can, and volume does not change our bottom line. It’s exactly like Costco.


Can I get 30-day terms for my purchases?

No. The only way we can keep our prices low is by taking payment upon ordering.


Can I buy a product from you and resell it?

Absolutely! However, be aware that resold items are no longer covered under our return policy, and they may also void manufacturer warranties.


Do you offer tax exemption?

Yes. In order to claim your tax exemption, you will need to create an account. Log in and find the menu on the left side of your screen. Select the tab that reads, “Account Information” and click the “Upload” button to send us your tax documents. You will receive an email asking you to approve the document; once it is approved, we will contact you to confirm you are ready to make your purchase tax-free.


Do you price match?

If you found one of our items at a lower cost locally, congratulations! That rarely happens, even on sale items, but it may. In that case, buy locally.


I have a long list of items I want to purchase. Can I send it to you for order fulfillment?

We are not staffed to fill orders. While our warehouse personnel will pull any items off the shelf that you asked for, you have to ask for them through our online shopping cart.


Where are you located?

Our corporate offices are in Southwest Florida and most of our shipping and receiving takes place in Tennessee, but we also have facilities in other parts of the country.


Can I place orders by phone?

No. Our customer service reps have no way to order items or take payments by phone. Please order online.


How it works is a retail sales company, though our prices are often as low as many wholesalers. Our mission is to provide excellent pricing on commonly used, brand name medical supplies. Our company is structured to maintain low costs. We don’t have a room full of huge collection of customer service reps, we don’t to print advertising, and we don’t have a retail store front location.

We operate exactly like any other store. Browse our inventory, make selections, pay by credit card. We don’t really have any other options. There are no deeper discounts because we already offer everything at the lowest price possible. Also, we believe that everyone should have access to the same price. If you are an individual consumer, rest assured that you are getting the same price as doctors and hospitals. We think that’s only fair.